Annual Report 2012, Cadiz

Annual Report 2012, Cádiz

The main activities of Network 12 in 2012 took place during ECER in Cádiz. As in 2011, our network offered four sessions with a wide range of topics. We started the first session of the conference with the contribution of Stefanie Rose and Gudrun Marci-Boehncke (University of Dortmund) about the reading-didactic competencies of libraries in Germany. This very interesting presentation was followed by the contribution of Stefan Cramme (DIPF, Research Library for the History of Education, Berlin) about digital library services for the history of education. Session 2 also had only two contribution because the one of Lia Raquel Oliveira was cancelled. First we had the opportunity to listen to Chiara Ravagni (University of Bolzano. Italy) talking about «Describing and connecting educational objects: an ontology for the Erickson e-value project». Christoph Schindler from the DIPF in Frankfurt gave us an insight into virtual research environments with his contribution «Semantic media wiki for collaborative corpora analysis: analyzing educational reference books in a virtual research environment». Session 3 contained first the contribution of Crystal Fulton from the School of Information and Library Studies of the University College Dublin about developing effective doctoral teachers and then continued with the first part of N12’s annual review of developments in educational research in European countries. We were very glad to have Alis Oancea (University of Oxford) with us talking about the assessment of educational research in the UK and the consequences the financial cuts have on educational research in the UK. Furthermore, in the second part, we had short reports from Britten Ekstrand (Sweden), Alex Botte (Germany) and Peter Meyer (Switzerland).

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