Annual Report 2014, Porto

Annual Report 2014, Porto


Considering the first reviewing period, NW14 received 69 proposals. Fifteen reviewers participated in the process, and we used a double-review system. Of those original proposals, 53 (77%) were accepted,11 (16%) were rejected and 5 (7%) were redirected to other NWs. For the second reviewing period, NW14 received five proposals. Of those 5, we accepted three proposals (60%) and rejected the other two (40%).

Presentations and Topics

At the end of the reviewing process, NW14 had 56 presentations, including: 45 papers, 2 posters, 8 symposia and 1 roundtable.

Of those 45 papers, 6 of them were submitted within topic 1 (schooling in rural and urban settings), 13 were submitted within topic 3 (school related transitions within a life course perspective), 15 were submitted within topic 4 (family education and parenting), 5 were submitted within topic 5 (policies and actions related to co-operation and dialogue among social actor) and 6 were considered as not fitting any of the topics. No proposals were submitted under topic 2 (place-based education).

Three of the symposia were submitted under topic 1, two under topic 3, two under topic 4 and one under topic 5.

The roundtable was submitted under topic 1.

Session Overview

During ECER2014, NW14 hosted 22 sessions, including an Interactive Poster Session and two Joint Sessions. During the Emergent Researchers' Conference, NW14 also developed a workshop.

Geographical Spectrum

As had already been the case in previous years, our geographical spectrum was fairly broad, as we welcomed presenters and attendants from all across Europe (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, etc.), as well as Australia, Canada, China, Russia and Taiwan.

ECER 2014: Special Call

For ECER2014, NW14 issued a special call, on “"Vulnerable children and youth - Transitions from school to adult life", proposed by our convenors Rune Kvalsund and Ewelina Rydzewska. With a large number of proposals, resulting in a two-part symposium and in several paper sessions, this initiative was considered very successful.

Joint Sessions

The Network hosted two joint sessions during ECER2014: a round table with NW19 – Ethnography, on the theme of “Investigating Rural Youth, Education, Identities and Place”, and a paper session with NW2 – VETNET and NW15 – Research on Partnerships in Education, with the title “Partnerships and Learning Communities, Families and Vocational Schools”. Both sessions had a high attendance rate (over 25 people in both cases) and were assessed by those who had attended as successful.



During the Emergent Researchers' Conference, NW14 developed a workshop on the issue of “Schools as Learning Communities”, mediated by our convenor Rocío García Carrión and by Javier Diez-Palomar (upcoming link convenor for NW24 – Mathematics Education Research). With around 40 people attending, and a great participation from the audience, this was viewed as a success.

It was agreed at the NW Meeting that, for ECER2015, NW14 should pursue further joint ventures with these, as well as other networks.



Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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