Annual Report 2022, ECER Yerevan and ECER Plus

The most important developments were ECER and ECER Plus of course. We enjoyed to meet each other again in-person or online (sometimes both!). We continued to have an online presence in 2022-23. The Network had an online Panel Discussion on Building Community -School Relationships through Curriculum in Rural Areas: An International Conversation on 10 March 2022. It was organized by Melyssa Fuqua (University of Melbourne, Australia) and Laurence Lasselle (University of St Andrews, UK). The discussion can be found at:

The highlights of this year's conference were the fantastic efforts of the local organization team (and the EERA office!).

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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EERA has published ECER statistics for each network since 2018.
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