Network Meeting 2016, Dublin

Date: Thursday, August 25th, 2015, 12pm - 1pm

Place: Dublin (Ireland)


  1. Report from Link Convenors' Meeting (April 2016)
  2. Report on ECER2016
    • Reviewing, programme planning and Main Conference (numbers)
  3. ECER 2017 (Copenhangen, Denmark)
    • Workshops
    • Proposals for special calls. 15 Oct
    • Pecha Kucha (sessions) 15 Oct
    • Budget for NW activities/publications. 1st November
  4. Honorary Network Members

The meeting was moderated by Rocío García-Carrión, as the current link convenor for NW14, and had an attendance of about 35 people, including convenors and other participants.

Rocío shared some information stemming from the Convenors’ Meeting in Berlin, in April 2016. Frist of all, she presented the information related to the EERJ (timing for publication, collaboration form the networks, etc.). Secondly, proposal for future EERA publications (Research Methods book, Review Journal and book series) was presented. Other topics presented by Rocío here refer to new formats of presentations and network funding.

Rocío then made a summary of the preparation process for ECER2016, with regards to the number of proposals received, acceptance/rejection rates for both phases of reviewing, the different formats of submissions received and their distribution according to topic, and the number of reviewers involved.

When asked about the overall quality of the Conference, those present generally agreed that it had been of high quality, with no significant problems with the venue, good social events and useful support staff. Participants emphasized the excellent organization for this ECER. The quality of the conference was also highlighted, and in particular for NW14 the quality of the sessions also increased. The venue was considered very good, including rooms, infrastructure and internet connection.

Attention was given to the fact that many interesting concepts and contributions were presented during the sessions in NW14, which was positively highlighted by the attendees to the meeting.

The meeting also included some information regarding NW14’s joint initiatives for ECER2016. Network 14 issued a Special Call, on “Rural Schools as Hubs for the Socio-Educational Development of the Community ", proposed by Joana Lúcio, Robyn Henderson and Karen Noble (NW14 co-convenors). This special call resulted in a 4-part symposium and included contributions from Spain, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Colombia, USA, Portugal and Sweden. Inspired by the special call there were other paper sessions within the topic and a 2-part symposium 'Educational Research and Schooling in Rural Europe: An Engagement with Changing Patterns of Education, Space and Place’, proposed by Linda Hargreaves and Cath Gristy, which extended the international contributions already listed to include Norway, Serbia, Czechia, Finland, and England. Participants in the Network Meeting noted the great response to the special call, which resulted in very well-attended and successful sessions.

Beyond the Special Call, NW14 established closer relations with other networks. We hosted four joint sessions with three different NWs: a symposium with NW4 – Inclusive Education, on the theme of “Transforming the Learning Experience Beyond the School Walls: Creating Inclusive Spaces for Children and Youth in and out of School; two paper sessions with NW19 – Ethnography with the titles “Rural Schools, Communities and Cultures” and “Geographies of Opportunities, Participation and Mobility”, and a one paper session with NW8 – Health Education under the name “Interventions to Promote Wellbeing: Schools and Community”  For ECER2017, NW14 should pursue further joint ventures.

Some convenors discussed about the two mixed poster-paper sessions we had during ECER 2016. These sessions facilitated discussion among participants. However, the visibility of the posters is less than in the main poster session as the poster are in a particular room. After discussion we agree to come back to the general poster session for ECER 2017.

For the upcoming Conference, the EERA Office would like to ensure whether joint special calls (between two or more networks) are possible. Therefore, proposals for special calls, for ECER 2017, should be sent to the office by October 15th 2016 by the link convenor.  

Formats of presentation. For the upcoming ECER 2017 Networks will be asked to inform if they are interested to offer a Pecha Kucha session. Interest to include this format of presentation in the networks should be sent to the EERA Office by October 15th. 

The networks were also informed the EERA Council has agreed to financially sponsor activities initiated by Networks. The next to apply for Network funding is November 1st.

This year 2016 NW14 was 20 years old. Since two of the founding members are still co-convenors, Linda Hargreaves and Rune Kvalsund, we would like to propose them as Honorary Members of the NW14. This proposal was discussed and agreed in the meeting. The link convenor will communicate the decision to Jani Ursin, as indicated by the office.

NW 14 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw14-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019