Annual Report 2003, Hamburg

Aims and Contents

In its fifth year (since ECER 98), the network keeps its initial aims to conceptualize and support partnerships in education in the widest sense through research. This encompasses: different disciplines, professions and stakeholders.

The network emphasizes the comparison of partnerships models that are shared among all participating cultural groups and, in particular, the issues raised by transferring models, patterns, values from a cultural group to another.

Evolution Of The Themes

Specific Network 15 themes about Inter-institutional Partnerships or Reflective Practice continued to be presented through sessions whose titles were:

  • Inter-institutional Partnerships and Process of Identity Construction in Teachers
  • Networking and Inter-institutional Partnerships as an Answer to the Challenges Facing European Societies, or
  • Best Practice, Competencies, Collaborative Evaluation through Inter-institutional Partnerships

Previous themes emerging from the ECER 02 in Lisboa were consolidated through 2 sessions:

  • Arts-Based Education and Collaborative Learning
  • Educational Processes for a Sustainable Development

New themes appeared about Young People through 2 sessions:

  • Analysing Teenagers as Potential Partners in a Moving Society
  • Violence, Conflicts, Mediation at School

Specific Features

The network continues to develop its specific features:

  • to help the presenters to get high quality papers evolving into publications and to structure eventual publications through the sessions;
  • to develop relationships with researchers coming from outside of European countries territory;
  • to make the communication and debates more accessible by translating presentations and questions in other languages than English, in particular, French, Spanish, Italian for attendants who don't understand.


At ECER 2003 Network 15 organised as many sessions as at the ECER 02 in Lisbon.
10 sessions were proposed including 24 papers with 36 authors.
The authors were from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and the UK.

One inter-network workshop was organised with Networks 21, 22 and 23 about PERINE: Finding and Exposing Information for Researchers about "Managing Education" and "Lifelong Learning" on the Internet: Methodology and CritiqueTwo other workshops were scheduled. The remaining sessions were Paper sessions.

The convenors' team, including the main convenor, was renewed, as it works well.
The Network business meeting allowed to up-to-date the membership electronic list and to discuss new themes the network members are willing to develop.


Danielle Zay
Lorraine Savoie-Zajc
Miranda Pilo

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