Annual Report 2004, Crete

The main activities of the ICT network in 2004 were concentrated on organizing and streamlining more than 55 proposals for the conference in Crete.

The quality of symposia, individual papers, posters, and roundtables presented was inspiring. Many different issues with respect to ICT in education and training were demonstrated and discussed.

In relation to the convenors’ meetings, in particular the optimisation of both content and procedures in the network was brought forward, to heighten our ambitions and outcomes. This was relevant in particular with respect to the creation of more quality and more structured international co-operation in the network.
Based on the discussions during the conference, it was decided to concentrate the work in the network on some main topics.

Given the present state and expected development of ICT in education and training, research on ICT can be split up into five topics:

  • Models and theories to optimise ICT-based instruction and learning;
  • Cognitive, social, and motivational processes in ICT-supported environments;
  • Assessment and evaluation of the impact of ICT in education and training;
  • Construction and use of ICT benchmarks in (inter)national research;
  • Interesting developments and issues on ICT in education and training.

These five topics will now be used as criteria to structure the work of the network.
This means that potential contributions and proposals to the conference in 2005 (Dublin) will have to be organized within one of these topics.
During the conference in 2005 we will evaluate this approach.

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