Annual Report 2012, Cadiz

Annual Report 2012, Cádiz

The program for network 16 at the 2012 ECER conference included nearly 80 presentations. These were scheduled in 28 sessions, consisting of 20 paper sessions, 7 symposium sessions and 1 roundtable. In the symposia the use of ICT for enhancing self-regulated learning, the contribution of ICT integrating videos to improving teacher education and professionalization, and examples of good practice of ICT in education were addressed. The roundtable focused at teachers’ skills for the school of the future. In addition, 11 posters were presented. In paper sessions, various topics were addressed, including the integration of ICT in education, teacher training and ICT, the use of ICT for assessment, games in education, mobile learning, social media and learning, E-learning, and computer supported collaborative learning. Since the number of time slots was 14, parallel sessions had to be scheduled for all time slots. Overall attendance was good, about 20 visitors per session on average, but some of the late afternoon sessions attracted only a small audience. In contrast to ECER conferences in previous years, no joint sessions with other networks have been included in the program.

The link convenor of our network, Ton Mooij, has decided to retire as link convenor. Ton was one of the founders of the network, in 1998, and he has been the link convenor ever since. The participants in the network are very grateful for Ton’s contribution to the network and to the ECER conferences. At the network meeting thanks were expressed to Ton and Ed Smeets was appointed to be Ton’s successor as link convenor. In addition, a new convenor was appointed: Philippe Gabriel.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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