Annual Report 2021, Geneva (online)

This year’s conference, partly due to the Covid 19 pandemic, saw renewed enthusiasm to meet, even if it was not possible to do so face to face. The highlights of the conference were, firstly, a relatively high number of participants, in fact one that was comparable to previous years: 41 papers were presented at 14 sessions. There were strong individual papers as well as of thought provoking symposia: 2 symposiums + 1 double symposium.

As NW17’s activities in 2020 took place in a reduced format online and the ECER 2021 was held online, we believe that we have managed to keep in touch with the NW17 participants and their number has not decreased significantly. Sessions were attended by 162 participants, 11,5 attendees per session in average. We also appreciate that the geographical boundaries of NW17 have been extended beyond Europe to include participants from Argentina, Israel and Ukraine.

This year also saw Network 17 elect a new Link Convenor Geert Thyssen for 2022, whose vision – building on the current and previous Link Convenors’ – was embraced by those attending the Network Meeting. The Network also remains committed to contributing to the further development of the discipline by preparing a Routledge handbook for 2024, meant also to celebrate the Network’s 25th anniversary.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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