Network Meeting 2016, Dublin

  1. Helena Ribeiro de Castro welcomed the assembly, presented the co-convenors (Geert Thyssen, Elena Tabacchi, Iveta Kestere, Béatrice Haenggeli-Jenni, Pieter Verstraete) and excused the absence of Marta Padovan-Özdemir.
  2. Events between ECER 2015 Budapest and ECER 2016 Dublin
    • A. Joint project Network 17 & Network 20: Theme ‘Cultural Learning, Identity and the European Project’
      • Members from Network 17: Iveta Kestere, Ian Grosvenor, Karin Priem, Frederik Herman, Angelo Van Gorp.
      • Two meetings took place: November 2015 in Barcelona / March 2016 in Riga
      • The main product of this group will be a book welcoming contributions from both networks.
      • The “Cultural learning” could be an interesting topic for Network 17, which could feed thoughts/researches about our researcher position and impulse new types of research: i.e.. Gallery teaching.
      • It could be also a good topic to share with other networks (i.e. Art & Education)
    • B. Summer school
      • The 6th Summer School in Histories of Education (supported by EERA, ISCHE, History of Education Society of UK) took place in Gröningen (NL). It was a great success, about 25 students took part of it. Very positive experience for the doctoral students who benefit from the advises of mentors and share their questions / thoughts with others studying similar topics.
    • C. Means of communication
      • Network 17 established different types of media to communicate: a blog, a page on EERA website, Facebook page, and a mailing list (available on the website).
      • Each one is invited to use them to diffuse information about their research projects, works, conferences, events, publications, etc.
      • For any questions about these media, please contact Elena Tabacchi: <link>
    • D. ERC Workshop
      • For the first time, the convenors’ team organized a workshop for the Emerging Researcher’s Conference. Title: “Education Across Europe: A visual conversation”
      • Based on the e-book we published for the 20th anniversary of EERA, the workshop aimed at stimulate reflexion / thought / discussion about the use of images as sources of research in Education. 15 persons attended the workshop. Great success, this kind of format is very interesting, offers high quality interactions. To keep in mind for a future proposition similar to this one!
  3. ECER 2016
    • A. Submitting / Reviewing process: the reviewing process went well. Each abstract is reviewed by 3 persons. Discussion about the rejection of abstracts: an abstract is rejected only if the final note (resulting from the 3 reviewers' evaluation) is under 5.  The comments made by the reviewers were appreciated by the authors; it helped them to improve their paper for the presentation.
    • B. Special Call for papers: participants did appreciate the special CFP: it was useful to adapt historical papers to the general theme of the Conference; it stimulates contributions; it could draw people from other networks. The special CFP shows the specificity of our Network and cotributes to assert its identity.
    • C. Program / Sessions: the convenors tried to put papers together, but it was not so easy in certain cases. Problem of withdrawals or changes: it may disturb this coherence. Discussion about titles for each session: useful? necessary? Most participants think it is useful, or even crucial to give tittles to the sessions. It helps people to make their “personal program”, to choose sessions according to their interest.
    • D. Chairing Process: it went well, convenors and other persons did chair sessions this year. Their work was highly appreciated and helped the presenters to keep in time!
    • E. Network Dinner: great success (30 persons) despite of the slow process! Next year, this event should be announced in advance, or even scheduled in the main program. It would allow persons to keep that evening free and be present.
  4. In between ECER 2016 – ECER 2017
    • A. Projects: the e-book about “Visual Conversation” was our last project in order to celebrate 20th anniversary of EERA. A new project similar to this one (e-book ?) is under discussion among the convenors. The thematic would be “The Refugees and the History of Education”. According to Ian Grosvenor it is not sure that EERA would finance that kind of project because the theme is not specific to our Network. The details have to be discussed among the convenors. A written project with solid arguments should be done in order to ask for funding. A special issue of Paedagogica Historica is planned about Refugees and History of Education. Links could be done between the two projects?... No other propositions or ideas about another theme.
    • B. New formats of presentation: for ECER 2017, we encouraged new formats of presentation in order to vary the types of sessions, i.e.: workshops, reading texts, roundtable, methodology / historiography sessions, etc. 
    • C. Special Call For Papers in 2017: the convenors will propose a special CFP for next ECER
    • D.  Information (E. Keiner): ECER 2018 will take place in Bolzano (Italy); the theme will be, most probably, “Structures / processes of inclusion and exclusion…”  

End of the meeting at 13:00.

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