Network Meeting 2017, Copenhagen

Summary of Network Meeting:

The network meeting took place on August 24 and was attended by 25 participants. The main issues discussed were: 1) academic quality of NW17; 2) changes in the convenors’ team; 3) celebration of NW17’s 20th anniversary in 2019; 4) History of Education Doctoral Summer School; 5) welcome of Honorary Members.

The main conclusions from the discussions were as follows:

  • The reviewing process went well and organization of sessions was successful with some usually experienced problems, such as withdrawals; the decision was made to involve more young scholars and in the reviewing process. Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde (Belgium), Shaghayegh Nadimi (Luxembourg), Ana Luísa Paz (Portugal), Branko Šustar (Slovenia) and Lajos Somogyvári (Hungary) volunteered and gladly were invited in;
  • New formats of presentation were encouraged, e.g., workshops, roundtables, symposiums etc.;  
  • Iveta Kestere was appointed as new NW17 link convenor to start after ECER 2018 and Christian Ydesen as a new convenor;
  • As the 20th anniversary of NW17 will be celebrated in 2019, the ideas about a common project and special round table were discussed;
  • The summer school held on June 2017 in Sardinia was highly appreciated. The next summer school will be organized in Riga;
  • Ian Grosvenor and Frank Simon were put forward as Honorary Members of the Network for their important work since they founded NW17 together with Martin Lawn. The proposal was unanimously approved

NW 17 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw17-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019