Annual Report 2004, Crete

There were 33 papers this year. These were organised into thematically linked sessions, a roundtable and 2 symposia. The symposia were both directly derived from work in the CLASP project, an EU funded ethnographic research project co-ordinated by Bob Jeffrey. Nine of the ten partners in this project were represented at this year's conference.
The various sessions were given in self-contained slots in the timetable of between one and a half and three hours. All conference sessions were used by the network and we did not need to arrange any parallel sessions as we had agreed after ECER 2003.

The content of this year's papers varied from methodological papers to reports of specific investigations but the conveners had taken a more rigorous approach to abstracts this year and sent a number for consideration by other networks where the abstract did not fit our criteria.
Attendance at the sessions was very good.
A report of this was submitted at the conference. This meant that there was wide ranging and high quality discussion during the sessions and as there were a large number of participants who stayed with the network for much of the time, discussion could evolve and develop over the period of the conference.

The Network are delighted that the proposal to the Editorial Board of the EERJ regarding a special issue of the journal to look at European Perspectives in Educational Ethnography based on 2003 network papers was accepted.

Two of the network conveners reported on the stage reached in discussions about the launch of an Ethnography and Education journal in Spring 2006. The contract for this has now been signed with Routledge.

A change in conveners was agreed this year and the new list is:
Dennis Beach, Sweden
Karen Borgnakke, Denmark
Andrea Raggl, Austria
Francesca Gobbo, Italy
Geri Smyth, Scotland <link>

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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