Network Meeting 2016, Dublin

Our Network meeting was well attended with 39 members. The network meetings’ agenda included reports on recent VETNET activities, elections and discussions about future directions of VETNET.

VETNET members were informed and discussed the ECER 2016 conference program, the Emerging Researchers Program, the link convenors meeting in Berlin, the board meeting in Dublin, the revision of the VETNET regulations, the VETNET website, the International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training and the WERA IRN-VET.

Reviewers were acknowledged for their helpful contribution to the making of the program. Innovations in the program included that for the first time in VETNET there was a roundtable which worked very well. This is a mode of presentation which is to be encouraged. The ECER 2016 Emerging Researchers Conference was of very good quality, in presentations and in the chairing of sessions. VETNET members are encouraged to promote this conference with their research students. The idea of having the Network's Emerging Researchers present a session in the Network program was welcomed.

VETNET members discussed the frequency and criteria to be considered in nominating someone for an VETNET award, and possible types of awards (honorary member, best paper, dissertation). The International peer-reviewed, open access Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training is progressing well having gained an ISN number and with steady submission and review of articles and is referenced in an increasing number of indexes.

VETNET has been involved in WERA and plans to continue to engage with new plans.  
A move forward is the planned update of the VETNET Regulations. A sub committee has produced a first draft which is being refined. The revised regulations will be sent out before the next ECER conference and voted on at the 2017 network meeting. This is a positive development for the Network.

This year, VETNET nominated Ludger Deitmer for Honorary Member of VETNET. His nomination was approved by EERA. Ludger Deitmer’s well deserved nomination is a recognition of his commitment and long standing contributions to the VETNET.

An election was held for the new link Convenor/s with Christof Nägele and Barbara Stalder being elected unanimously. The out-going link-convenors Michael Gessler and Margaret Malloch were acknowledged for their initiative and contribution to the development of VETNET. Barbara and Christof were thanked for their assistance with the 2016 program.