Annual Report 2003, Hamburg

This year’s conference meeting in Hamburg of the still new network Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments Network in the European Education Research Association unfortunately had to be cancelled. Very unfortunate, not in the least on the background of last years successful participation and meeting in Lisbon. The Network promotes innovative strategies dealing with intercultural teaching and its learning environment. Key issues are cultural identity and diversity, multi-ethnic learning groups and communities, intercultural discourses and the role of intercultural education in promoting both the local identities of groups and a sense of common citizenship in Europe. The conveners of this network are John Willumsen, Pavla Polechova, Tony Cotton, Manfred Bayer and Maria-Angels Subirats de Bayego.

The Network established itself this year for 2 sessions/poster sessions, containing papers, based around the idea of innovative intercultural education. The papers reflected that the perspective of the Network, is to create new ways of working and new combinations of ideas and practices in intercultural education.
The sessions were drawing upon the projects and the way of working developed within earlier international seminars organized by the members of the TNTEE, subnetwork G. The business meeting had to be cancelled due to cancellations by several convenors including John Willumsen, who – due to present tasks in Hungary had to cancel participation in this years conference.

The Network will keep in contact through email and website. Improvements will be made for the conference in Crete. Projects such as INCLUSIVE and URBED as well as present projects in Hungary will be asked to contribute substantially to the 20th Network activities in Crete.

The current conveners and reviewers of this network are:
John Willumsen, Pavla Polechova, Manfred Bayer, Tony Cotton and Maria-Angels Subirats.

List of members of the EERA 20th Network

Main contact convenor:

  • John Willumsen (DK)
    Blaagaard State
    College of Education,
  • Manfred Bayer (Convenor)(DE) -Mercator Universität Duisburg
  • Pavla Polechova, (Convenor)(CZ) - Charles University, Prague
  • Tony Cotton(UK) - Nottingham-Trent University, Nottingham
  • Claus Nelson (DK) - Århus College of Education
  • Kurt Bendix Olsen (DK) - HoejvangSeminariet
  • Astrid Sødring (DK) - HoejvangSeminariet
  • Jose Esteve (ES) - Universidad de Malaga
  • Maria Angels Subirat (ES) - Universitat de Barcelona
  • John Clay(UK) - University of Brighton
  • Angela Faust(UK) - Newman College of Higher Education, Birmingham
  • Phillip Goggin (UK) - Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Ian Grosvenor (UK) - Birmingham University
  • Terry Lamb(UK) - The University of Nottingham
  • Ian Menter(UK) - University of North London
  • Doug Springate (UK) - University of Greenwich
  • Jos Hilte (NL) - Faculteit Educatie, Hogeschool van Arnhem & Nijmegen
  • Jacques van Meegen (NL) - HAN, University of Professional Education, Nijmegen
  • Gerard de Kruif (NL) - PABO-Haagse Hogeschool
  • Marit Spurkland(NO) - Høgskolen f. lærerutdanning i Oslo
  • Isaura Abreau (P) - Escola Superior de Educacao de Lisboa
  • Christer Håkansson (SE) = University of Örebro
  • Lena Rubinstein-Reich (SE) - University of Lund/Malmö School of Education
  • Ulla Lindgren (SE) - Lund University, HLJ
  • Christina Veiku (GR) - University of Athens


John Willumsen,

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