Annual Report 2016, Dublin

Annual Report 2016, Dublin

For Network 20 Dublin and the 2016 conference was a busy and productive event.

We had 46 contributions this year, three of them were rejected and in the end we had four withdrawals. During the conference 24 Papers were presented in the network sessions - 4 of them in joint sessions with other networks and 2 of them was Video presentations, 4 Posters were presented, 2 Symposiums were held.

As a very special and honoured event this year Network 20 had the privilege to present results of a joint venture supported financially by Council with Network 17 on the issue of "Cultural learning, Identity and the European project - Culture, Cultural learning and the Engaged University" as a part of the main programme. For this presentation a panel of researchers were invited to reflect on the presented results of this network cooperation.

Another new feature this year was the cooperation between Network 20 and Networks 4, Inclusive Education, and 31, Language and Education. The historic cooperation with Network 24 on joint sessions was set on pause this year due to the fact that no papers covered themes with relevance for the two networks.

The number of participants for the sessions varied but most sessions had app. 15 - 20 participants although one single session unfortunately had fewer than 5 participators.

As every other year the themes on the 2016 conference were broad but of course with a strong focus on cultural issues and innovation in an inclusive educational perspective like 'Teachers at Universities and University Colleges Working with Their Professional Identity on Various Levels Including Processes of Research Dissemination',  'Diversity in Norms and Values Supporting Innovative Pedagogics and Inclusion'  and  'Ethnicity and Gender Related to Educational Socialization and a Specific Handicap' to give  a few examples of headliners for the sessions.

Again this year 'session life' was bookended by the 'Zero Session and the network-meeting. Both activities were well visited with almost 20 people comprised of hard core Network 20 affiliates but also some newcomers. In ‘Zero Session’ a couple of videos about our network were produced intended to be part of our home page.

In the network meeting plans and procedures for internal network constitution was the main agenda. Once again this year the co- convenors made a great job leading sessions and taking care of business and once again newcomers gave positive feedback on experiences in this open minded network.

Every year in EERA/ECER/Network 20 is a special year! As mentioned above Network 20 in this year conference was involved in cooperation with new networks and on new platforms and this new orientation seems to produce an extra vitality in the network. Being linked to people with the same interests but different perspectives is productive on various levels.

Apart from all the relevant and interesting presentations, and the related important productive discussions, one interesting 'happening' this year was the video presentation and production. This media, used in the context of a Session, seems to contain interesting perspectives for both dissemination of research results and for placing the presenters in a position as both presenter and viewer, unlike all others at the session. This position seems to promote reflections in a more substantial way.

Another interesting incident this year was the well-attended Symposium 'Leading Educational Research: Innovative Methodologies that Maximise Rapport and Reciprocity in Ways that are Ethical and Empowering'. The interesting thing was to experience how research from various fields presented together could enlighten common research issues and challenges. As a by-product of this presentation there probably will be produced a book on this issue with the link convener invited to write one of the chapters.

Also, as mentioned above the Presentation of the joint venture between the Networks 17 and 20 was a highlight for Network 20 this year. The panel of follow researches presenting their reflections on this project was very qualified and hence productive for touching challenges in the relation between universities and people in everyday life.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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