Network Activities

General Activities

Our special activity was the workshop 'Understanding voices, spaces and identity through Innovative Methods'. This was a workshop based on a participatory approach to different innovative methods to understand voices, spaces and identity in our societies. It focuses on people’s needs, allows collective empowerment and offers specific innovative methods. This activity was fund by EERA, and still it is pending of being reprogrammed. It was palnned to be held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Valencia, on 23 and 24 march, 2020. Link:


We did plan an activity related to publication after the workshop organized by NW 20 but that was cancelled due to covid impact in the different countries in March.

Future Plans

Our future plans are:

  • NW 20 meeting held on October 22, 2020
  • Plan again the workshop fund by EERA 'Understanding voices, spaces and identity through Innovative Methods' through online videoconference if covid measures don't allow us to do it.
  • Write a compilation of different research or activities related to innovation and research in intercultural learning contexts, especially affected by COVID impact.

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

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