Network Activities

General Activities

In NW 20 we are not affiliated with any networks or journals at the present, as there are no plans for this kind of activity. Although it will be considered as a target for network activities in the coming years. Neither was there publications linked to NW activity this year. However, we are really interested to have publications as a network in the future.

There was an Erasmus+ mobility activity at the University of Valencia among co-convenors from Lithuania and Spain. There was discussion on further collaboration between Lithuanian and Spanish researchers from NW 20, and the opportunity to create specific symposium on topics as innovation, competences and culture and language diversity. Unfortunately, we need to encourage more activities and cooperation to catch up upon in the coming years.

Future Plans

Based on the Bolzano Conference, the recent two link convenors of N20 and N31 planned to apply for a Special Call together.

ECER 2019 - NW 20 + NW 31 Special Call: Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments - Reflections on cultural and linguistic diversity in education

As summary, this special call is related to the need to reflect on language as an expression of culture and identity on one hand, and as a resource for learning across all subject areas on the other hand. The essence is to highlight that we need both these concepts to develop a more inclusive learning context in different levels of education.

In addition, N20 aims to raise the number of proposals and attendants at next ECER conference, one way is to continue collaborating with other networks having Joint Sessions during next ECER. However, we also need to promote interest to new senior and emerging researchers on the main 5 topics in our network. Therefore, we also apply for Network Project Funding on a topic on new research methods to understand different aspects of culture diversity. In fact, the project proposal was “Innovative participatory research methods to understand voices, spaces and identity”.

As mutual interest collaboration, together with experts from three other EERA’s Networks: Inclusive Education (Network 4), Social Justice and Intercultural Education (Network 7), and Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments (Network 20). We have applied for joint project called “Forced Migration and The Global Education 2030 Agenda: From educational research to policy and practice”.

Overall, co-convenors indicated the need for research cooperation between the participants in the network: conducting research and publishing an article.

To sum, our intention for the future is to create a “group of members” with special interest in innovative methodologies in intercultural learning and propose specific Symposiums, joint sessions, and projects to create high quality sessions and community building.

NW 20 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw20-subscribe(at)