Network Meeting 2016, Dublin

First of all the feedback on the Network Meeting was that Sessions were well organized with highly qualified presenters presenting diverse, relevant and interesting work. The different topics meant that new people were attending the sessions and in general that the rooms were full even late in the afternoon. In spite of this we have to take into accordance that the last session Friday, The Grave Shift, has to be different.

The experience in the network is that four presenters can be too many and two can be too few and this relates to stress the importance of securing enough time for discussions after presentations. Some experienced situations with being like just 5 people in a Theatre which could be challenging.

Communication within the network has to be bettered in relation to securing that Presentations in other contexts by presenters, related to Network 20,  is announced and mentioned at Session Zero and all  along during the week.

A pleasing information was that the newcomers are very pleased experiencing good support in the network.

On a more specific level there was a suggestion for more cooperation with NW 31 setting up a work shop session with a connection to e g storyline.

The network agreed on trying out ‘Pecha Kucha’ but perhaps with a 10 minute slot instead of 'just' 6.

And, last but not least, it is now settled that there will be Network 20 dinners Thursdays now and forever!

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

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