Network Meeting 2017, Copenhagen

Again, this year the Network meeting was very productive. In fact, we have two meetings in NW 20 as the Session Zero the initially session on the conference kicks of the process of reflections in the Network 20. Hence it could be stated that the Network meeting is a two-phase process. Like last year, there were several suggestions as to what to do to expand activities within the network and outside of the network such as reacting to Special Calls more, expand cooperation between presenters, connecting with other networks on a more strategic level, journal editing and publishing more articles. The agenda for the NW meeting in Copenhagen also focused on the fact that next year in Bolzano there will be elected a new Link Convenor. We felt, that it would be good to agree on the criteria for the minimum requirements for the new Link Convenor. Fifteen network members who attended the meeting brainstormed the criteria and then we had a vote. As a result, it was agreed that, the minimum requirements for coming Link Convenors Would include

  1. To have a PhD degree is compulsory as it secures a professional competency and an academic standing
  2. To have participated actively in Network 20 for at least two years prior to the election is to be mandatory.

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

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