Annual Report 2023, Glasgow

This year 21 contributions were accepted for ECER 2023, with a total of 27 presenters. Six sessions were held between Tuesday 22 and Thursday 24. During these six sessions, 19 papers were actually presented: 18 papers and one long paper. Two papers have been withdrawn, due to the absence of three participants because of health or administrative issues (one information of cancellation before the conference and the other information given at the last minute).

The main topics (linked to the main theme of Diversity) covered during this conference in network 21 were:

1) Professional development issues. Papers presenting research on the professional identity of teachers, caregivers or social workers can be gathered under this umbrella. For example, we discussed professional adolescence, the unconscious psychic processes at work in professional practices and their reactivation during meetings with the public.

2) Linked to the first topic, the training of relationship professionals was discussed in several papers: reflection and reflexivity; the link between theory and practice; one presentation provided an opportunity to share the experience of a clinical device (group analysis and group formation).

3) a number of presentations focused on youth and learning issues. Didactic aspects were explored in two papers, particularly on language learning and the diversity issues involved. The research presented focuses mainly on professionals, but one study focused on teenage dropouts.

4) A cross-cutting topic was discussed in many of the papers: psychoanalysis-related research methods. Such methods include: clinical research interviews; collaborative research; focus groups; parent-toddler groups; collaborative writing; online interviews; etc. Several methodological tools are also training or intervention devices.

5) Other topics were discussed: gender studies and queer theory; Emotion, feelings, affects; institutionalized defense.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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