Annual Report 2009, Vienna

Annual Report 2009, Vienna

As in previous conferences, Network 22 had a large and varied programme (altogether 37 sessions), covering some of the perennial areas and issues in higher education as well as some emerging ones.

Four large (double session) Symposia were presented:
(1) The Bologna Process: How European Policy and tends is working out at national and institution levels,
(2)  Higher Education Graduates and the World of Work,
(3) Institutional Creativity – Universities in Transformation,
(4) Changes in Society, Changes in HE Institutions: Insights from Academics.

As usual there were many papers on teaching and learning, including:  New learning approaching and strategies in higher education, ICT and E-learning in higher education, Doctoral education in Universities, Student expectations and competences in HE, Problem-based learning, (PBL)Learning motivation in HE studiesm, Student assessment policies, issues and challenges in HE. Other areas covered included: The ‘idea’ of a university, Internationalization of (and in) HE, New and emerging Structures and Policies in HE – Transformations taking place, Regional Development and Universities, Issues of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics (STEM) in universities and Higher education, Management and Governance in HE, Developing and defining quality in higher education, The development and use of Knowledge Management in Universities, Academic and professional development of academics and university staff, Academic work – new professionals, cultures, identities and roles, Academic writing (academics and students), Widening Participation in HE, Student well-being and Gender Issues in HE.

Nine posters were also presented and available to look at for the period of the Conference

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