Network Activities

General Activities

The Network 23 Online Seminar Series was again one of the academic highlights of spring 2022. This series brought together leading academics in the field of education policy studies, all of whom have a close relationship with Network 23. Over 150 friends and associates of the network registered to attend the three seminars, reflecting the huge contribution made by each of our speakers to education policy research. This series provided an opportunity for those within the wider education policy research community to connect with each other.

You can find recordings of the three seminars here:


Network 23 has been gradually developing specific strategies for making the research output of the network visible through publications. It is a theme that is regularly revisited in network meetings at ECER conferences.

Network 23 is first and foremost committed to the European Educational Research Journal and its promotion, as this is the official journal of EERA. Editors of two other journals, the Scottish (International) Educational Review and Education Inquiry, are members of our Network, and the convenors work closely with these journals to promote papers presented at ECER conferences.

Convenors also promote the research work of the network by seeking contributions to the recently launched EERA Blog and circulating information in the network’s mailing list throughout the year, in both cases aiming to make the research of EERA visible and accessible to a broad spectrum of readers. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw23-subscribe(at)

Future Plans

Our plans for ECER 2023 in Glasgow and future face-to-face conferences include:

  • to increase the number of network reviewers and session chairs
  • to provide clear communications, including a welcome email will be sent to all whose papers have been accepted by Network 23 with advice on how the conference works together with conference and network information
  • to arrange informal breakfast & lunchtime gatherings and a social event for all - to provide support for those new to Network 23 and/or ECER including emerging researchers
  • to encourage network members to contact the convenors to share ideas on activities and/or initiatives that will further promote inclusiveness and development of the network

We are pleased with our ongoing work to widen participation, and will continue to prioritise attracting participants from underrepresented countries.

We will invite queries from potential authors before submission, and continue to develop support including linking with and contributing to the Emerging Researchers Group (ERG).

Xavier Rambla is the network link with the ERG.

We intend to repeat the online seminar series annually, restricting the series to two seminars each year.

We are also aiming for at least on EERA Blog posting from the network each year.

NW 23 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw23-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019