Annual Report 2018, Bolzano

We got 51 papers; 3 of them were rejected, this meaning 94% of acceptance and 6% of rejection. The highest average for a paper review was 9.7, and the lowest was 3.6. The total average of the reviews was 6,65 points.

The quality of the sessions was high. Practically all sessions were rated as 4 or 5, yet there was only a handful of participants in each session. Overall, the sessions triggered lively and fruitful discussions.

Tis year our network's location was exeptionally beautiful - we had our sessions in a medieval castle. The location was a bit tricky though, it wasn't that easy to find there, and it too a while to walk there from the main venue of the conference. This restricted the participants' choices as you were not close to other networks.

All in all, the conference week was a positive experience in our network's view.

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