Annual Report 2019, Hamburg

We had lively discussions around variety of topics, such as teachers' professional development, teachers as curriculum designers, early childhood education, social aspects of mathematics learning, understanding of mathematical concepts, nurses' insufficient competences in their life saving practices that require mathematics...

There was also a common interest to broaden discussions into assessment in mathematics education, out of school education, connecting with parents, collaborative activities in school level, transition studies, links to STEM and STEAM etc.

This year we didn't have a special call, but there was some collaboration with the Network on Language and Education. This turned out really productive.

In general, the group worked intensively together, yet more submissions and participants will be looked for in the future. Mathematics education manifests in many areas of research, so we hope to see lots of ECER participants seeing those connections to the themes of our group. More submissions are warranted, making it an opportunity to get to share new knowledge, new perspectives and widen the audiences together.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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