Annual Report 2005, Dublin and 2004, Crete

This network is still one of the youngest networks of EERA. Established in 2003, at ECER in Hamburg (2003) it only participated with papers in one joint session with the network 4 (inclusive education).

In the year 2004 we received 12 paper proposals and in 2005 we received 8. In both years we cooperated very well with network 5 (Research Partnerships in Education).
On Crete (2004) we participated in a two-session Inter-network Symposium with network 5, had two inter-network paper sessions with network 5, carried out two independent paper sessions and one workshop.
In Dublin (2005) we had one joint paper session with network 5 and two independent paper sessions. We were generally rather pleased with the quality of papers we had in our sessions, although we had to notice the quality of papers cannot be adequately predicted on the basis of the proposed abstracts.

The papers in our sessions reflected very well the broad span of the notion of “children’s rights” and their connection to education. They ranged from historical/philosophical accounts, reports on empirical surveys on children’s rights, to the reports and reflections on action research projects in schools, comparative analysis, analysis of children’s drawings, children’s rights in preschool settings, children in zones of war or other conflicts, bullying, even considerations of certain family issues, etc., from a broad variety of European countries. We want to nourish further the broad scope of the concept of research of children’s rights in education, but also to keep the contents of our sessions focused, on the very issue of the human rights of children in relation to education.

Network 24 plans to have a program at ECER 2006 in Geneva. All proposals, relevant for the topic issue of the network, are welcome. If the proposal fits two networks, we suggest that the author(s) contacts a network convenor with a suggestion for a joint session with another network.

During the recent business meetings of the network it was decided that Zoran Pavlovic (Slovenia) would perform the role of the coordinating convenor in preparations for the ECER 2006, after which Solveig Hägglund (Sweden) will assume the duty.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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