Annual Report 2012, Cadiz

Annual Report 2012, Cadiz

As in previous years Network 25 contributed to the Emerging 
Researchers’ Preconference in the form of a Research Ethics Workshop.
This was organised by Vicki Coppock and was well attended.  Subsequent feedback from attendees was very positive.  The network was also involved in mentoring at the Pre-conference.

This year again saw an increase in papers submitted to the network to date.

Sessions this year were around the following themes:

  •      Early years: Issues in research practice and interpretation
  •    Children’s rights: contextual studies
  •    Researching children’s everyday lives and views
  •    Pushing the boundaries: theory and practice of using visual methods to       aid children’s participation in educational research
  •      Cross cultural perspectives on children’s rights: Sweden / Australia,            Switzerland / Germany
  •      Solveig Hagglund: a celebration
  •      Participation, power and place
  •      Children’s rights: theoretical and methodological issues
  •      Working with Roma and migrant children: ethical and methodological issues
  •      Children’s capacities for conceptualizing and research
  •      Children’s rights in education: conundrums of freedom

      One poster was accepted for display this year.


Fifteen people attended the Network Meeting and discussion centred around an
evaluation of this year’s conference, preparations for next year including
a proposal that we apply for funding to support a conference for network members focused on the generation of new theoretical departures for research in children’s rights.

Our commitment to publication has led to a themed edition in Educational Inquiry (2011) and a forthcoming special edition in Global Studies in Childhood (2013). We also discussed a number
of options for future publications, including an edited book proposal in the new year.

A special session was held to celebrate the achievements and to mark the forthcoming retirement of Prof. Solveig Hagglund who was until recently Link Convenor of this network. Gratitude was expressed for her outstanding support over the years.

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