Annual Report 2008, Göteborg

Annual Report 2008, Göteborg

1.  Report on Conference

There were 29 submissions of which 2 were redirected to another network. There were 23 papers 1 poster 1 round table 2 symposia All sessions were well visited and the presentations were relevant and of good quality.  


2. The network

There was a discussion of what the members wish the network to be like:
the network members discussed the possibility that the network issue a special issue of the EERJ. Helen Wildy (<link> from Australia accepted to be the coordinator of this and will approach the editor in order that the network will edit a special issue of the journal.

There was a wish that we should work on getting more focus in the papers for the next conference in Vienna. Frode Frederiksen (<link> from Denmarkwill take lead in this work and come up with a suggestion in due time before  the next conference. 

There was also a discussion about a closer cooperation with other networks during the next conference. Gerry MacRuaire (<link> from Ireland will take contact and report to the network members in due time before the next conference.  


3.  Possibilities for funding of activities from EERA board

There are possibilities for funding of special activities in the networks. The board has decided not to fund travelling and hotel costs. There are possibilities for funding of activities inside the aim of EERA. In case the network wishes funding the board needs a plan for the activity + budget. The chances to get funded will increase if there is some sort of cooperation with other networks.

At the Convenors' Meeting several examples were mentioned:

- Development of a website
- Preparation of a publication
- Network related events outside the conference
- Network activities that cover more networks
- the possible amount of money is in the vicinity of Euro 5000  


4. The next ECER conference

Will take place in Vienna on September 28th to 30th 2009. As there is another con ference in the city at this time it will be a good idea to reserve hotels at an early time.  


5. Election of Link Convenor

Kasper Kofod (<link> was re-elected as Link Convenor.

Kasper Kofod


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