Annual Report 2011, Berlin

Annual Report 2011, Berlin


1. Report on the conference

The 2011 conference in Berlin included 46 paper presentations, 8 symposia with 35 papers, 1 research workshop and 3 poster presentations (only 1 showed up). During the reviewing process 7 papers were rejected for various reasons and 6 papers were redirected to other networks because they did not fit properly into network 26 profile. The network received 5 papers from other networks, and one of these was rejected. The 2011 conference saw the highest number of  presentations in the network’s history. 

Type 2010 2011
Paper Presentations 36 Papers 46 Papers
Symposia 6 with 25 papers 8 with 35 papers
Research workshops/roundtable 1 1
Poster Presentations 1 3 - only one turned up
Rejections 7 7
Redirections from other networks 0 5
Redirections to other networks 6 6

2. Network Meeting

The network had a smooth reviewing process with the following reviewers Helen Wildy (Australia), Gerry Mac Ruairc (Ireland), Lawrie Drysdale (Australia), David Gurr (Australia), Lars Frode Frederiksen (Denmark), and Kasper Kofod (Denmark) as link convener.

Many of the presenters failed to bring copies of their presentations either in hard-copy or hand-out form. The members of the network agreed at the network meeting they should at least bring a hard copy of their power points. 
The network meeting voiced a wish that guidelines (like those for papers) for how workshops are to be proposed should be formulated. A wish for symposiums to be stretched over two slots was also expressed. Some members of the network complained that there was not enough space in the rooms.

3. Convenors' Meeting

At the conveners’ meeting there was a request to have more workshops, preferably with participation of members of two or more networks. One must keep in mind that a symposium must have members from at least 3 different countries

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