Annual Report 2016, Dublin

Annual Report 2016, Dublin

The conference theme was extremely well aligned with the profile of the network. As such we didn't need a special call. We noticed a lot of extra attention directed towards the network which was great. We were able to deepen our collaborative ties with other networks (see joint sessions below) and engage with them outside of formal joint sessions as well.

NW26 continues to feature strong numbers.

NW 26 acceptance rate for 2016: 81%, 79 out of 98 submissions accepted. This is an increase in quantity and quality (2015: acceptance rate 83%, 69 out of 83 submissions accepted). In total there were 98 presentations of NW26 at ECER 2016.

NW26 presentations included 2 posters, 1 double-length round table, 6 symposia (2 of them double-length), no workshop. In addition, there were several joint sessions:

26 SES 06 A JS
Joint Symposium NW 03 and NW 26 to be continued in 26 SES 07 JS
Bridging Educational Leadership and Curriculum Theory/Didaktik- Theoretical Openings in a Transnational Era

26 SES 08 A JS
Joint Symposium NW 23 and NW 26
Leadership and Policy in Schools: How School Leaders Enact Government Policies for Improvement

26 SES 12 C JS
Symposium Joint Session NW08 and NW26
School Principals in Health Education

26 SES 13 A JS
Joint Symposium NW 07 and NW 26
Emerging Paradigms and Practice in Leadership for Social Justice:Advocacy, Activism and Indigenous Culturally Responsive Leadership

26 SES 11 C JS
Joint Paper Session NW 22 and NW 2
Leadership in Higher Education

26 SES 11 D JS
Joint Paper Session NW 07 and NW 26
Educational Leadership and Teaching for Social Justice

26 SES 12 D JS
Joint Paper Session NW 15 & NW 26

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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EERA has published ECER statistics for each network since 2018.
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