Network Meeting 2018, Bolzano

ECER 2018 – Minutes of the network meeting (NW 26, Educational Leadership)

ECER 2018 – Key numbers

While we didn’t receive any solid numbers this year, by looking at the program it seems that nw26 continues to be among the top 10 biggest networks of EERA.

The amount of proposals received by our network seems to be on par with last year, possibly slightly higher. The Link Convenor is tasked to get current statistics regarding amounts submitted proposals, accepted and redirected proposals and regarding how many presentations were actually held at ECER 2018.

NW26 only featured symposia and papers this year. This is discussed but found to be ok. Everyone is free to submit other formats if she/he wishes.

Quality and acceptance

The consensus is that the good quality of the reviews continues to improve. Authors are appreciative of feedback they receive.

Link Convenor and Co-Convenors:

Link Convenor

  • Pierre Tulowitzki, Switzerland

The co-convenors had to fairly review a large number of proposals. A big thanks to them!

  • Helene Ärlestig, Sweden
  • Stefan Brauckmann, Austria
  • Tyrone Bynoe, USA
  • Lawrie Drysdale, Australia
  • Kirsten Foshaug Vennebo, Norway
  • Lars Frode Frederiksen, Denmark
  • David Gurr, Australia
  • David Kemethofer, Austria
  • Barbara Kohlstock, Switzerland
  • Ulf Leo, Sweden
  • Gerry Macruairic, Ireland
  • Joanna Madalińska-Michalak, Poland
  • Tian Meng, Switzerland
  • Deniz Örücü, Turkey
  • Petros Pashiardis, Cyprus
  • Sigríður Margrét Sigurðardóttir, Iceland
  • Carolyn M. Shields, USA
  • Helen Wildy, Australia

Co-Convenors review the submissions for the network (in a double-blind process). In addition, some of them may help organize things around the network in other ways (for example by giving advice on how to structure the conference program for the network). They also act as a reference group to the link convenor.

The link convenor is appointed by each network to act as first contact and coordinator of the co-convenors. Link convenors are tasked to be the contact person for the EERA Office, Executive Board and Council for any questions related to the network. They also manage the operations of the network and coordinate the ECER program for the network.

As per the discussion and decision in the 2015 network meeting, the link convenor mandate in network 26 will last four years with one possible re-election. Impeachment is possible by the co-conveners or during the network meeting. During the third year an incoming link convenor will be elected to shadow the link convenor with the aim to be confirmed via an election process at the next year’s network meeting

New co-convenors can be suggested by anyone at any time. Interested parties should send a message to the link convenor, detailing their previous experience. The network is looking to maintain a diverse group of co-convenors with regard to gender, age, nationality and expertise.

Network Funding Opportunities

There are several funding opportunities to take advantage of:

  • Network Projects
    Budget: 5000 Euros
  • EERA Season School, Network Season School
    Budget: 5000 Euros
  • Network-Related Publications
    Budget: 1500 Euros
  • Please contact link convenor first as an endorsement is required.

Further information is available at  

Jani Ursin, Network Representative on Council, can also give additional information. E-Mail: jani.p.ursin(at)

Next conference in Hamburg

ECER 2019 will take place from 3 - 6 September in Hamburg, Germany.

It will be preceded by the annual Emerging Researchers' Conference on September 02 & 03. 

The theme will be “Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future”

Other issues

Publications: Representatives of the Journal of Educational Administration have encouraged participants to send manuscripts to the journal. 

Joint sessions: Joint sessions were very favorably received. It was asked if they could be made more prominent in the program.

If you have questions or ideas do not hesitate to contact the link convenor:

tulowitzki(at) or use our webpage

Thanks to all that took time to come to the meeting, all together we were over 50 persons at the business meeting.


NW 26 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw26-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019