Annual Report 2015, Budapest

Annual Report Budapest, 2015

Network 27 has engaged in a full programme at Budapest's ECER. Details can be seen in the minutes of our network meeting. The number of proposals has gone slightly back. This is no wonder since a number of new networks have been accepted,competing with our nearly 10 years old network.

We have got the impression that symposia and workshops, administerd by convenors, have become more and more important in our network. We are not sure whether this is a "natural" process of consolidation of our network or a tendency which we should not accept.

Looking back at the ECERs in Budapest, Porto, Istanbul and Cadiz we come into something like a trend of network presentations. We find the following:

  • We have an established work group (Brigitte Gruson, Monique Loquet and others) on classroom research under the frame of Joint Action Theory in Didactics.
  • We have trends in theory production under the heading "From teaching to learning" (Ingrid Carlgren and others).
  • We see a new interest in Gender Studies (Carol Taylor and others).
  • There is a welcome endeavour for joint research (Brian Hudson, Monique Loquet, Matthias Trautmann, Anke Wegner and others: Didactics in Europe beyond fragmentation? Analyses of teaching-learning practices in case studies).-
  • We stabilze the globalising perspective of EERA by participation of members of our network in the WERA Symposium "Transnational research perspectives on didactics, learning and teaching" (Brian Hudson, Meinert Meyer and others).
  • We are glad that a group works on a special edition of EERJ on general and subject didactics in comparison (Florence Ligozat, Jonas Almqvist, Bernard Schneuwly and others - see the  minutes for further information).
  • At the present stage of development we have 8 colleagues or groups of colleagues interested in offering symposia or workshops for Dublin, among them one joint symposium with network 22.



Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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