Annual Report 2019, Hamburg

This year, the Network 27 gathered one of the most important numbers of presentations since its creation (a hundred, including papers in symposiums) despite a rather selective reviewing process. This development goes along with an improved diversity of countries represented. We had a significant number of new delegates presenting papers from Southern and Eastern countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lituania, Kazakhstan, Turkey, etc.) and also from worldwide countries (Australia, New-Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, the USA, etc.). We look forward to meeting them again in Glasgow!

Our network is also well-known for attracting many researchers from Continental and Northern Europe from which we got some strong comparative research symposiums. As an example, we can mention the analysis of teaching qualities across subjects and countries that is currently run by the Nordic center of Excellence : Quality in Nordic Teaching.

Special calls are key features for the Network 27 development. This year Jonas Almqvist, Benoît Lenzen and Anette Olin launched a special call “On the collaboration between teachers and researchers in didactical research”, which fueled no less than 9 sessions with high quality papers and discussions. This success reflects the growing interest for collaborative / participative research in education, in which didactical research is a cornerstone of the articulation between classroom practices analyses and curriculum design.

Last but not least, we were proud of the issue of a book reflecting several years of discussions about different research traditions about Gender in educational practices, in the Network 27: “Gender in Learning and Teaching: Feminist Dialogues across International Boundaries” Springer, 2019. Congratulations to Carol A. Taylor, Chantal Amade-Escot and Andrea Abbas who leaded this project!

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