Annual Report 2016, Dublin

Annual Report 2016, Dublin

Network 28 organized 18 sessions at ECER Dublin 2016. In particular, the Network had 18 sessions and 1 round table with network 23,  and 3 joint symposia. The Network attracted 66 proposals, redirected 22 proposals, and after the second round of evaluation, selected 51 submissions (16% rejection).

The sessions were very well attended (between 15 and 50 participants per session).

The quality of the discussions, and of the exchange of knowledge and experiences revealed a consolidation of the network.

The Network sessions had the keynote Kathleen Lynch speaking on the topic: A Care-less Culture in Education and Society.

The sessions were organized around the following themes:

a) Commensurable Fields of Education

b) Multiple Enactments of Europeanization of Education

c) Data and Policies in the Fabrication of the European Space of Education

d) Translations of Europeanization of Education

e) Knowledge Production and the Europeanization of Education 

f) Constituting Subjectivities in Contemporary Worlds of Education

g) Sociomaterial Accounts of Education

h) Educational Choices and Market Orientation

i) Transition and Choice in Education

j) Education Mismatch, Adult Education And Neurobiology

k) Educational Plans, Private Provision, and Global Citizenship Education.

The symposia covered:

1) The Impact of Economic Austerity and Refugee Crisis on Adult Education Policy in Europe;

2) Utopia, Education And The Reworking Of Social Critique

3) STS in Education: Researching the Politics of the Mundane

4) The Impact of Economic Austerity and Refugee Crisis on AdultEducation Policy in Europe

The Conference in Dublin represented a further confirmation for the Network. The project of starting a network with clear foci of research interest, and of establishing a meeting point for encounters among sociologies of education was realized. The network offers now high quality selection of paper contribution as well as good quality of discussion and confrontation among peers.

The Network decided to launch a call for paper 'Inside/Outside the Brussels Bubble: Multiple Enactment of the Europeanization of Education' that attracted seven sessions. Joint activities were organized with Network 23. Here, the quality of the participation confirmed promising collaborations and possible projects to develop in the future.

The Network has succesfully realized the second edition of the Summer School in Sociologies of Education at the University of Napoli 'Federico II' (SUSEES): a MOOC included videos, texts, materials from the offline course on the EMMA MOOC <link https: _blank>platform.

Finally, the book of the Routledge serie 'Shaping the European Education' was finally published (Eds: Romuald Normand & Jean Louis Derouet).

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