Annual Report 2017, Copenhagen

Annual Report 2017, Copenhagen

Network 28 organized 23 sessions in ECER Copenhagen 2017. In particular, the Network had 9 symposium, 2 research workshop, 12 paper session. The sessions were very well attended (between 15 and 50 participants per session). The quality of the discussions, and of the exchange of knowledge and experiences revealed the consolidation, and the attractiveness of the network.

The sessions were organized around the following themes:

  • The Fluidity of Europeanization of Education
  • Problematizing Europeanization
  • Vulnerable Students and Early School Leaving in Europe
  • Social Inequality, Elite Schools, and Meritocratic Ideals
  • The Global Restructuring of Education Professions: Identities, careers, and
  • new forms of regulation
  • Discursive and Material Construction of Identities
  • Understanding the Movements Resisting the Implementation of Standards
  • Issued From Globalization. A Challenge for Social Sciences of Education?
  • Theory-Method Nexus: Exploring Bernstein’s concept of languages of
  • description and their application to research
  • Transnational Knowledge Networks and Policy Coalitions: Social network
  • analyses of the 2014 Danish and the 2016 Norwegian school reform
  • Software, Standards and School-Building Programmes
  • From Quality to Evidence: International trends in accountability mechanisms and policies
  • Changing Space-times of Education
  • Time for Change? For a Temporal Turn in the Sociological Study of
  • Education and Europe
  • The Normativity of Schooling
  • Educational Inequalities and Europeanization
  • Uneven Space-Times of Education: Disentangling historical sociologies of
  • concepts, methods and practices
  • Cross-Cultural Research and Educational Studies
  • The Past Present and Future of the Sociology of Education Network:
  • Contemporary issues and concerns
  • The Promises and Dangers of the New Biological Turn in Education
  • Critical Sociological Theories of Educational Leadership and Their
  • Methodological and Practice Implications in Denmark, Italy, England and Australia
  • Datafying Education

The Conference in Copenhagen represented a further confirmation for the Network. The project of starting a network with clear foci of research interest, and of establishing a meeting point for encounters among sociologies of education was realized. The network offers now high quality selection of paper contribution as well as good quality of discussion and confrontation among peers. The Network decided to launch a call for paper ‘In the Shadow of Europeanization of Education’ that permitted to organize many sessions.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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