Annual Report 2018, Bolzano

In 2018, in Bolzano, it was the opportunity to consolidate the group of researchers participating in the network 29, but also to welcome new participants in this field of arts education research. Some of the participants are habitual participants of other forums of discussion in the area, but their approach to the network is revealing how a new arena for debating arts education is being created and developed at ECER. It is worth noting that the quality of the papers presented is increasing, which constitutes a good signal in a field (arts education) in which is not rare to follow paths that not always make evident how they are facing the issue of 'research'.

We had well attended paper sessions, with engaging participants and a diversity of perspectives, both from the point of view of the areas and the nationalities of the presenters. It is interesting to note that within the network we are creating interest groups in the areas of music, visual arts, theater and dance, in formal and non-formal educational contexts, but also in the field of cultural and artistic education in cultural institutions such as museums. One of the components always to be mentioned in network 29 is the possibility and interest of the research workshops in a practical modality, although the spaces reserved for the activities of the network do not always facilitate this.

We would like to highlight the presentation on the Winter School ARTS-BASED RESEARCH: HOW DO THE ARTISTIC AND THE EDUCATIONAL ENTANGLE ( organized by the network, with the support of EERA, the University of Porto and A Oficina, in Guimarães. This presentation was made by two of the organizers and some students who, having participated in the school, participated also in this edition of ECER. Having been a very rich experience, it allowed to open up several research paths to explore, one of them in thinking which formats can be enhanced in the future for this kind of 'school', thought close to the notion of artistic residence. Having meals together and discussing around the table, in the kitchen of the school residence, was the most challenging and interesting relational methodology being developed.

The organization of the network meeting took place, as usual, at lunchtime on Thursday, and although it was well attended by the network's closest participants, it is always pointed out that lunch time, after holding plenary conferences, is not the best solution. It was then thought of the possibility of changing this time to a zero slot of the program, or, simply, for a late afternoon. Several subjects were discussed, namely the interest and need to create a newsletter in the field of arts education research and the organization of a publication with papers presented in recent years, or a thematic edition to be prepared and presented as a symposium in an upcoming ECER.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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