Annual Report 2013, Istanbul

Annual Report 2013, Istanbul: Inaugural Symposium

Network 31 had its official start with an inaugural symposium on “Multilingualism in the Mainstream Classroom as a Means to Enhancing Creativity and Innovation in Education – Examples from Video Studies“. The thematic areas of the network as well as the convenors were briefly presented before the speakers started. The symposium had then four speakers:

  1. Exploiting multilingual repertoires as a resource for learning – Piet Van Avermaet
  2. Multilingualism in subject-matter classes – a case I favour of multilingualism in mainstream
    classrooms – Joana Duarte
  3. Multilingual school population: a lever for linguistically innovative classroom? – Anouk Van
    der Wildt, Piet Van Avermaet and Mieke Van Houtte
  4. Study without boarders: multilingualism as a resource for teaching and learning in higher
    education – Fancine Uwera and Adelheid Hu

The discussion of the symposium was conducted by Ingrid Gogolin and included a broader approach to the upcoming activities of the network.

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