Annual Report 2015, Budapest

In ECER 2015, Network 32 "Organizational Education" emerged 17 sessions, each with 3-4 papers. Six of these sessions were symposia, the other 11 sessions were combinations of individually submitted papers.

NW 32 "Organizational Education" was constituted 2014 in Porto by an inaugural session. So ECER 2015 in Budapest was the reality test if the network exists and functions in practice. And in fact it did. We had a special call which turned out to be very successful. We assume that one reason therefore is that ECER 2015 had a general theme ("transition") which did fit very well to questions of Organizational Education. So it was easy to specify it within a special call. As the central research focus of Organizational Education is organizational learning, understood as learning in, by and between organizations (educational organizations as schools, youth centers, institutions for adult education, as well as non-educational organizations as firms, hospitals, public agencies), transition can be focused as transition in, by and between organizations. Our specified call asked for papers on these 3 lines: transition in organizations, transition of/by organizations, transitions between organizations. The submitted papers were combined to sessions with these 3 different headlines. Contributors as well as audience gave good feedback regarding this clear thematic conception. Another special point at ECER 2015 was the discussion on the Research Memorandum on Organizational Education (see below: Network Meeting).

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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