Network Activities

Network Publications

In the follow up to the Lillehammer Seminar “30 years of ICT in Education” (2018) and its special issue in the journal (2020, forthcoming) the network members will be working on a global media education manifesto. Network 6 has a strong connection to the Scandinavian open access journal ''. The editorial board consists mostly of long-time Network members. Additionally, strong connections exist to the German and English open access journals 'MedienPädagogik', 'medienimpulse', and to the Scottish journal 'Education in the North'

Future Activities

Emerging from activities in 2019, the newly called initiative “Sustainable Publishing” will be continued. The initiative will support EERA on their open access publishing strategy and will develop own strategic areas. Network members are engaged in various neighbouring academic disciplines and respective conferences, e.g. amongst others: “24th DiscourseNet Conference: Discourse and Communication as propaganda: digital and multimodal forms of activism, persuasion and disinformation across ideologies” or the annual conference of the “International Association for Media and Communication Research - IAMCR“ in Beijing, China. Network members are encouraged to engage in common European projects.