Annual Report 2011, Berlin

Annual Report 2011, Berlin

For Network 7 we had 116 submissions, which resulted in a programme of 8 symposia and 20 paper sessions. We had one poster. We worked with 2 parallel sessions during the conference.  For a fit of a proposal into our network the focus on education and the combination of social justice and intercultural education are important.

This year’s themes of the papers were:

  • Cross-national and historical studies on social justice and intercultural education
  • Social justice: schools and neighbourhoods
  • Social justice: generational analysis
  • Social justice: choice and parents
  • Roma and traveller education
  • Identity development of different groups in education;
  • Teaching in heterogeneous classrooms;
  • Intercultural education integrated;
  • Intercultural education: contextual differences
  • Different  perspectives on intercultural education
  • Intercultural education in higher education
  • Homonegativity, sexualities and gender issues
  • Gender issues
  • Leading for diversity
  • Voices of youngsters on citizenship and exclusion
  • Perspectives on citizenship education
  • Citizenship education in changing societies
  • Multilingualism
  • Multicultural classrooms
  • Educating teachers for intercultural education

The  symposia focused on east-west migration within Europe; several issues of social justice; diverse teachers for diverse learners; teacher education and on muslim pupils in european schools.

All our sessions were well attended an in most of the sessions the discussions were vivid and interesting. During the business meeting we welcomed many  young researchers from all over Europe.

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