Annual Report 2014, Porto

Annual Report 2014, Porto

Sessions and Topics

During Ecer 2014 network 7 had in total 36 sessions. The 30 paper sessions had the following topics:

  • Portuguese research into social justice and intercultural education;
  • students' perspectives on success an inequality;
  • learning spaces and negotiating difference;
  • Roma: segregation, discrimination and intercultural perspectives; professional perspectives on Roma education;
  • teachers'imagination regarding diversity and inequality;
  • women identity and engagement;
  • different approaches to intercultural learning; democratic citizenship education;
  • diversity and commonality contested;
  • internationalisation in higher education;
  • participation and belonging through adult education;
  • intersectionality in the analysis of diverse teachers'experiences;
  • languages, teaching and diversity; casestudies into cultural identities and inequality; gender identities and education;
  • social justice;
  • social justice and intercultural education practices;
  • transnational perspectives;
  • different research methodologies;
  • competence of teachers;
  • social justice in teacher education;
  • negotiating heteronormative school contexts;  
  • using creative methods in research with children

Joint Sessions

Three paper sessions were organized in collaboration with 4 different networks. There was a session with network 25 on childrens'rights, with network 26 on social justice and educational leadership and one session  with the networks 4 and 20 on inclusive and creative learning environments.

Symposia and Topics

Five sessions had the form of a symposium. The topics were: 

  • negotiating heteronormative school contexts;  
  • religion and religious education (2 parts);
  • studies on minority teachers ;
  • educating the fringes of Europe: the urban boundaries project.

Network Meeting, Attendance, Roundtables and Discussion

One session was a network meeting.The sessions of network 7 have been attended very well. On the whole we found time during the sessions to raise interesting questions and points for discussion. Especially the roundtables  that were part of the paper sessions initiated interesting dicussions.

Session on Portuguese Education

During the first session of this ECER we paid special attention to education in the host country Portugal. Eunice Macedo presented an interesting overview of Portugese education from the perspective of social justice and intercultural education. This first session has been attended  very well. Based on this experience we decided to organize for ECER 2015 a special activity at the start of the conference in collaboration with colleagues from Hungary. 

Further Joint Sessions

Like every year we organized joint session with other networks. This fastened our ties. We made during this ECER new plans for joint sessions next year. 

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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