Annual Report 2018, Bolzano

NW 7 has received over 130 proposals for ECER 2018. This represents an increase by 30 % compared to 2017.  All submissions to the network went through a procedure of double-blind reviews, some of them even through a third review due to the introduction of new reviewers. Besides to the network convenors the following reviewers were involved in the reviewing process for ECER 2018: Helen Avery (Lund University, Sweden), Hugh Busher (University of Leicester, United Kingdom), Yacob Abraham Getahun (Karlstad University, Sweden), Sandra Girbes-Peco (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain), Marc Hill (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Kathrin Huxel (University of Osnabrück, Germany) Claudine Kirsch (University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg), Carola Mantel (University of Teacher Education Zug, Switzerland), Sofia Santos (Porto University, Portugal) and Seyda Subasi (University of Vienna, Austria).

Network 7 realised the previously announced opening session (https://eera This session was held as a round table and was organised by Francesca Gobbo as honorary member of network 7 and additionally in her quality as an expert for the discourse on intercultural pedagogy and social justice in Italy. Titled „Social Justice and Intercultural Education – Continuining the Conversation“ the round table was very well attended and focussed on questions concerning concepts such as diversity, equity, human rights and inclusion seen in the context of recent political developments in Europe. The session was jointly hosted by Francesca Gobbo, and the two former link convenors Ghazala Bhatti and Yvonne Leeman. This facilitated the identification of continuities and developments in social justice and intercultural education related research within the network, one of the plans the network had named beforehand for this year`s conference.

Furthermore network 7 organised a panel discussion on inclusion of refugee students in Europe. By doing so the network was able to build upon the intensive continuous discussion on the topic of forced migration.

Besides, network 7 had several joint sessions which were realised in collaboration with the networks ‘‘Curriculum Innovation – NW 03“, ‚‘‘Ethnography – NW 19“, ‘Educational Leadership – NW 26“ and three sessions organised in collaboration with ‘‘Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments – NW 20“.

Overall the network’s session’s quality was rated between ‚good’ and ‚excellent’ in the session return slips. The average number of attendant’s was 11-20 in each session. During the network meeting positive feedback has been made on the structure of having three parallel network sessions in each time slot, as well as on the good grouping of papers within the network’s sessions.

On the occasion of this year`s network meeting the former link convenor Yvonne Leeman was officially bid farewell. In representation of the network members, the former link convenor Ghazala Bhatti and the new link convenor Lisa Rosen both expressed their gratitude for her long-standing commitment and contribution to NW7. Yvonne Leeman received much recognition by the network members for her long term work as Link Convenor (2007-2016) and also for a two-year phase during which she supported and coached the new link convenor (2017-2018).

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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