Ene-Silvia Sarv

Ene-Silvia Sarv, MA, is known as an expert of curriculum development and educational reform, especially in Eastern Europe. Since the independence referendum of Estonia in 1991, she has actively contributed to the rapid development of the new republic’s educational system, being one of the founding members of the Forum of Education of Estonia (1995). She has received national awards in Estonia for her publications and for her input into the school reform. She has an extensive list of scientific publications, covering a wide range of topics, such as school development, national and science curriculum development, comparative studies on pedagogical, philosophy of education and alternative pedagogies. She has contributed to the educational reform in a number of countries in Eastern Europe through consulting on educational development in the post-Soviet countries.

Ene-Silvia Sarv has been a member of Network 01 since 1999 and served from 2006 to 2014 as convenor and link convener. She worked very closely with the other conveners of Network 01, especially with Maureen Killeavy, Vivienne Collinson and Sara Bubb. The conveners’ team made considerable efforts to build up a wider group of reviewers, and the review process and program scheduling was developed in collaboration with other networks and the EERA office. During this period, new collaborative and interactive methods were introduced, such as interactive workshops and symposia. Much attention was paid to supporting early career researchers. The network also initiated business meetings on a regular basis. The theme of the network was also broadened from individual learning into educational leadership and organizational development. As a result, the volume of the network activities has grown threefold; the average number of presentations has grown from about 30 papers to 100 - 130, and the number of parallel sessions has increased from about 10 to 30 - 40.


The proposal for Honorary Network Member is to be submitted by the link convenor of the network, with support from the convenors group and approval in the network meeting during ECER (usually September). EERA Council analyses the proposal and makes the final decision.
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