Heidi Flavian

Dr. Heidi Flavian, a senior lecturer, researcher, the Head of Special Education department at Achva Academic College in Israel, serves a senior lecturer in the International Team in the Feuerstein Institute since 2002, was the Link Convenor of EERA NW11 during 2016-2021. Recently, her books Mediation and Thinking Development in Schools (2019), and the book she edited From Pedagogy to Quality Assurance in Education comprising NW11 contributions (2020) were published. She is also an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Quality Assurance in Education. Her main areas of research are teacher-education, mediation, thinking processes, teaching students with special needs.

The proposal for Honorary Network Member is to be submitted by the link convenor of the network, with support from the convenors group and approval in the network meeting during ECER (usually September). EERA Council analyses the proposal and makes the final decision.
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