Networks' Representative

EERA networks are represented in EERA council via the Networks Representative, who also acts as first contact for researches who aim at establishing a new network or who want to apply for having a network project funded by EERA. 


Jani Ursin

University of Jyväskylä
Finnish Institute for Educational Research
P.O.Box 35
40014 Jyväskylä, Finland


New Networks

  • Gender and Education (2017)
  • Organizational Education (2014)
  • Led - Network on Language and Education (2013)
  • Environmental and Sustainability Education Research, ESER  (2013)
  • Research on Arts Education (2012)
The "Honorary Network Membership" values the contributions of a convenor in the context of a network's history. Being an honorary network member has no duties, but includes the possibility of paying the reduced ECER fee available to members of EERA member associations. Honoray Network Membership is granted by Council based on suggestions put forward by EERA networks.
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