ALLEA Statement in Response to the European Commission’s Call for Evidence on Digital Education and Digital Skills

European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA)

The statement has been prepared by ALLEA’s Working Group on Science Education, and was submitted to the European Commission and released on ALLEA’s website and social media channels on Thursday 15 September.

ALLEA concludes that, in order for the EU’s Digital Education Action Plan to be successful, a systemicapproach is needed that addresses teaching and learning at different levels: policy, research, curriculum design, teacher education, and practice. In addition, ALLEA argues that a greater emphasis be placed on interdisciplinarity, the integrated nature of digital technologies with STEM education, and the critical roles of empirical educational research, initial teacher education and teachers’ professional development.

  • The full statement, together with its press release, can also be found via this link.