Cancelation of ECER 2020

Following extensive discussions during the last weeks, EERA and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) have agreed to cancel ECER 2020 in Glasgow. This was an extremely difficult decision to make but is a necessary one in the light of the enormous challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our primary consideration when making this decision was the health and wellbeing of conference participants and we feel collectively that this is the only possible position to adopt.

We recognise that the cancelation of ECER 2020 in Glasgow is a unique step for the EERA community. The ECER meeting is the centre point of our year, the place where we make new connections and renew old friendships. It offers a platform for our networks as well as for the emerging researchers group to explore and discuss current research and future possibilities while at the same time renewing the bonds that support their on-going work. The ECER meeting also allows us the opportunity to engage with the vibrant research culture of a member association and to experience their welcome and hospitality.

Whilst acknowledging all of this, we also recognise that we are facing a unique global crisis that requires significant changes of behaviour on all of our parts. All advice taken at local, national and European levels indicated to us that continuing with ECER 2020 in Glasgow would pose an unacceptable risk not only to participants but also to our host community. Cancelation appears, therefore, to be the only possible option.

EERA would like to pay tribute to our partners in the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Educational Research Association. They have at all times been constructive in their approach to the unprecedented challenges that we have faced and would undoubtedly have hosted a superb ECER. We look forward to exploring possibilities for returning ECER to Glasgow in the not too distant future.

We would also like to acknowledge the work of our 33 Networks (including the Emerging Researchers' Group) who have been hard at work over the past number of months managing submissions and reviews and beginning the process of programme design. Finally, we would like to recognise the work and commitment of the authors of 2.900 contributions submitted for ECER 2020. We understand the significant amount of work that went into each and every one of these proposals and are exploring ways of recognising this more formally.  

EERA continues to offer its solidarity and best wishes to all who have been impacted by this global crisis. Collectively and individually we remain committed to engaging in high quality research for the benefit of society and intend to be part of the reconstruction of communities and societies in the weeks and months ahead.

Joe O’Hara
President of  EERA                                  

Stephen McKinney, George Head 
Local Organising Committee