Karen Evans awarded with "European Vocational Educational Training and Researcher Award"

EERA congratulates Em. Prof. Dr. Karen Evans for having been awarded the "European Vocational Educational Training and Researcher Award" during the European Vocational Skills Week 2017, taking place in November in Brussel.

Congratulations for the award for an outstanding researcher which is active in VETNET for years!

Prof Evans is Emeritus Professor of Education at the UCL Institute of Education, University of London; Honorary Professor in the Economic and Social Research Council LLAKES Centre for Learning and Life Chances; and Honorary Professor at RMIT University, Australia.

Professor Evans outstanding VET research contribution includes:

  • Direction of major international high quality studies on learning and work in the context of VET.
  • Long-term excellent academic publication track record with many internationally acknowledged publications.
  • Major contribution to knowledge building about current and future VET, both theoretically and empirically, which is also highly relevant for VET practice and policy.
  • Significant impact on basic research on VET, as well as on building bridges between VET and wider societal issues and addressing key dimensions of social sciences.
  • Contribution to advancements in educational science.
  • Key actor in the development of networks aiming at strengthening VET cooperation at the European level.
  • Active membership of several international VET research communities.
  • Lifelong dedication to the field

Karen Evans research and publications include initial, higher and continuous VET, learning at the workplace, lifelong learning, life and work transitions. Most recent publications:

  •     Youth and Work Transitions in Changing Social Landscapes (2013)
  •     Second International Handbook of Lifelong Learning, 2012
  •     The Sage Handbook of Workplace Learning (2011)
  •     Improving Literacy at Work (2011)
  •     Learning, Work and Social Responsibility: Challenges for Lifelong Learning in Global Age (2009).

Award holders of the VET Research Award of the European Commission

    2016 Em. Prof. Dr. Marin Mulder
    2017 Em. Prof. Dr. Karen Evans

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