Doctoral Studentships at the University of Brighton, UK

Each studentship will support full-time doctoral study over a three-year period. We now invite applications from across the world for entry in the 2013/14 academic year. The deadline for entry is 4pm on 11 April 2013.

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In the Social Sciences, the School of Education is offering two studentships:

1.      Pedagogy for Connected Learning: Sustaining the Quality of Young People’s Learning Experiences and Aspirations in a Digital Age, supervised by Professor Avril Loveless and Dr Keith Turvey

<link http: researchstudy social-sciences project-1-21-2-2 _self external link in new>

2.      Research Collaboration and Cooperation: Narrative Study, Pedagogy and Learning, supervised by Professor Ivor Goodson and Dr Tim Rudd

<link http: researchstudy social-sciences project-1-21-2-2-2 _self external link in new>

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