Call for Proposals WERA International Research Networks (WERA-IRNs)

WERA International Research Networks

The establishment of WERA’s International Research Networks (WERA-IRNs) is one of the important initiatives of WERA to advance education research worldwide on specific scholarly topics and make impacts on cutting-edge knowledge advancement, professional improvement and policy formulation in key areas of education. The WERA-IRNs will also help active researchers to build up their worldwide research networks and create numerous opportunities for international collaboration in their key research areas.

Following the recent success in launching the first IRN on Global Ethics in Higher Education, WERA would like to further establish more IRNs to promote education research and benefit more active researchers across the world in different research areas. Therefore, WERA is pleased to invite all European Educational Research Associations to make contribution to this movement of establishing IRNs in this round of 2012.


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