New Alliance for SSH Resarch founded in Brussels

EASH (The European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities)

At a meeting in Brussels with some 30 representatives from SSH-associations further advances were made in creating a European Alliance. EASH seeks to work on and influence the political decisions with regards to the EU's new research programme 'Horizon 2020'.

A general observation made at the meeting was that a political majority in EU countries and the EU Parliament are now in favour of creating a new challenge exclusively for SSH. This is laudable given that the December Version of 'Horizon 2020' coupled SSH research with security. EASH is now trying to assure that the new challenge will become part of 'Horizon 2020' and that this move is complemented by a fair budget.

There also seems to be consensus that SSH should generally be integrated in the work of all challenges, something the EU refers to as ‘mainstreaming’. This is also positive news, if clear mechanisms are constructed to ensure the effective ‘mainstreaming’ of such a research.

EASH has produced the attached a policy paper for entering into discussions with parliamentarians on the European as well as the nation level. Please make use of it!


<link file:427 _self file>EASH Policy Paper