New online journal, Other Education, looking for submissions

Whereas most if not all academic journals in the field of education focus on institutionalised forms of educational provision, there is no international academic journal that focuses explicitly on the theory and practice of educational alternatives. The notion of ‘educational alternatives’ includes both alternatives to mainstream practices of education and schooling – such as, for example, home schooling, home education, and de-schooling – and alternative approaches within mainstream practices of education and schooling – such as alternative conceptions and practices of schooling, democratic schools, student voice, student-centred education, etcetera.

The work of scholars writing on educational alternatives is currently dispersed. As a result there is too little communication and interaction and too little opportunity for the cumulative development of knowledge, understanding and scholarship on educational alternatives worldwide. Other Education aims to become a focal point for such work and aims to contribute to the visibility and quality of scholarship on educational alternatives. The field of practice which will be the focus of contributions is potentially very large. Dissatisfaction with mainstream and dominant forms of education and schooling is as old as the establishment of formal education itself. As a result, the field of educational alternatives has a rich, international history.

The development of educational alternatives is, however, an ongoing process in which stakeholders – students, parents, educators and educationalists – continue to develop new modes of educational practice, both within and outside of mainstream provision. The aim of Other Education is not to represent all these practices and processes, but to promote and represent the academic study of educational alternatives. Other Education is currently an English language only journal. For more information please go to: <link http:>