Second EERA Hosted Academic Writing Workshop - Eger, Hungary

One of the major challenges facing educational researchers from non-English speaking countries is the requirement to publish their research in English. EERA is acutely aware of the pressures that this places on researchers in our member associations and as a result, EERA members proposed that the Association develop and pilot an Academic Writing Workshop. This was seen as being a practical solution to a common challenge and one that would support, in particular, emerging researchers and other research communities for whom language was still a barrier for directly impacting debates at a European level.

Supported by EERA, member-associations can offer an academic writing workshop titled "The Essential Guide to Publishing Peer Reviewed Articles" which is facilitated by EERA experts who will deliver the workshop in a number of European Universities. During the one day workshop, participants explore a wide range of topics designed to help them develop writing, editing and re-writing skills in English as well as gain knowledge about journal publication processes. The Academic Writing Workshops are aiming at capacity building and thereby clearly support the central mission of EERA for furthering high-quality education research.  

Stephen McKinney and George Head were the facilitators of the "EERA Academic Writing Workshop" held on 24 May in Eger, Hungary. EERA's executive committee was represented by EERA president Joe O'Hara.